Our SoC design services team possesses end-to-end development experience, from design specifications to chip mass production testing. This encompasses RTL design, functional verification, synthesis and DFT, physical implementation, timing and physical checks, ATE test development, and mass production technical support. Over the past few years, we have successfully completed the design and mass production of more than 60 SoC chips for renowned companies both domestically and internationally. We have established an advanced development process and accumulated extensive experience in advanced processes.

Leveraging our company's robust memory product development capabilities, our analog design services team can provide customers with a complete end-to-end design service for analog/mixed-signal IP. This encompasses specification definition, circuit design, fully customized layout design, up to GDS delivery. The company has accumulated a vast array of IPs, including GDDR6 PHY, DRAM PHY, clock modules, and power management modules, which are available for customer licensing and use.

Development Process

Chip Mass Manufacturing Services

  • Wafer Production Services

  • Packaging Services

  • Testing Services

IP Licensing Services

Intellectual Property Rights Licensing

  • Technical Support

  • Licensed IP

Core Advantages

Advanced Process Expertise

Logic Process

180 (BCD) / 110 / 65 / 55 / 40 / 28 /
22 nm

DRAM Process

65 / 46 / 45 / 38 / 25 nm

Advanced Process Expertise

Flexible Service Outsourcing

Flexible Service Outsourcing

Offering full-flow chip design services, customized technical support, and fabrication management services, including wafer fabrication, packaging and testing.

  • A Complete R&D Team

    A digital SoC and analog design
    team with over 400 staff can provide
    customers with end-to-end design
    services from chip definition to design,
    tape-out, and mass production

    A Complete R&D Team

  • Extensive Project Experience

    Our digital team has already
    successfully designed more than one
    hundred SoC chips for renowned
    semiconductor companies in China,
    US, Japan, and etc., all of which
    finally realized mass production.
    Our analog design team has
    successfully designed more than 40 IP
    cores and chips for DRAM PHY, clock,
    and power management, all of which
    finally realize mass production.

    Extensive Project Experience

  • Advanced Development Processes

    The company has accumulated and developed advanced and
    comprehensive development processes from the front-end to the
    back-end, and can offer end-to-end design services from specification
    to GDS and chip testing. The verification process adopts mainstream
    verification languages and methods such as SV/UVM/E/Verilog, and
    can provide optimal solutions for random verification and direct
    verification based on different project requirements.

    Advanced Development Processes