Quality and Reliability


  • Quality and Reliability

Quality and reliability play a crucial role in the success of Xi'an UniIC, and the company places great emphasis on them throughout the organization.

Since its establishment in 2004, Xi'an UniIC 's quality management system has consistently provided robust support for the company's strategic and long-term development. Thanks to the efforts of the company's counterparts, the quality and environmental management systems of Xi'an UniIC have now obtained ISO certification, while the knowledge product management system has achieved GB/T 29490 certification.

Xi'an UniIC obtained ISO9001 quality management system certification in 2008. The company is committed to maintaining credibility, ensuring quality, meeting customer needs, achieving satisfaction, and continually improving to provide customers with high-quality products and services.

As a design company, Xi'an UniIC meticulously manages all aspects of the development, production, and delivery of its automotive products in accordance with industry regulations. All partners in automotive electronic outsourcing are IATF16949 certified.

By focusing on the product realization process, Xi'an UniIC has established a comprehensive lifecycle quality management system, i.e., product initiation, design and development, procurement, outsourced production management, testing, shipping, and after-sales support—all within the scope of the quality management system. The Quality and Reliability Engineering Department of Xi'an UniIC is deeply involved in quality management activities throughout the entire product lifecycle. This involvement ensures high-quality support for relevant management processes, guaranteeing the continuous provision of high-quality products and customer support.

In its role as a design company, Xi'an UniIC sees outsourcing production as part of its own production process. The quality management implemented by these partners is a critical aspect, delivering strong support and resource assurance for the company's success and the attainment of strategic goals.

Xi'an UniIC uses the 8D problem-solving approach to address and improve customer complaints systematically. For product and process changes, the company follows change management procedures, issuing controlled notifications to customers to ensure orderly transitions.

Xi'an UniIC has established a failure analysis team to ensure swift response and resolution of issues. To meet the growing demand for analysis, the company is committed to continually developing and enhancing the team's capabilities and efficiency in failure analysis.

  • Reliability Assurance

Xi'an UniIC is dedicated to delivering products of superior reliability that adhere to industry technical standards.

  • Environmental Management

Xi'an UniIC obtained ISO14001 certification in 2016, directing its environmental management with a policy of strict compliance with environmental laws, restricting hazardous substances, conserving energy, enhancing energy efficiency, continuous improvement, waste reduction, and promoting employee awareness in environmental protection. This strategic approach ensures the sustained provision of eco-friendly products and services, aligning with the company's environmental mission.

  • Intellectual Property Management

In 2021, Xi'an UniIC obtained GB/T 29490 certification for its Intellectual Property Management System. Adhering to the guiding principle of "technological innovation leading development, safeguarding with intellectual property", the company ensures the protection and guidance of intellectual property for itself and its partners.