Memory Design Services

Xi’an UniIC’s memory R&D team offers turnkey design services for customized memory solutions. Having successfully developed numerous memory products for leading international companies, the company has achieved global production and sales. Many years of technical expertise have endowed us with a meticulous product development process and quality management system. Xi’an UniIC provides clients with end-to-end services, including product conceptualization, specification definition, circuit design, layout design, silicon production, chip packaging, memory module testing, and pre-sales and after-sales technical support. The company has expertise in developing a range of memory products, including DRAM, Nand Flash, SRAM, and RRAM.

Established in 2003, Xi’an UniIC Testing Center is a comprehensive testing and engineering center with four major laboratories: Memory Testing Lab, Memory Application Lab, Memory Module Testing Line, and ASIC Testing Lab. Specializing in memory-related testing, the center supports various memory product functionalities and performance testing for wafers, chips, and modules. This includes verification analysis, mass production test engineering development, application engineering testing, reliability experiments, and small-scale production and engineering sample testing. The company can provide testing services at various levels, including comprehensive solutions, according to customer requirements. Additionally, we offer training and consulting services covering aspects ranging from memory product testing knowledge to the utilization and development of specialized testing equipment.